"I come from a proud Catholic and American family that has been involved in business and helping the community for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, improve our roads and mass transit, and make public safety, fighting waste, fraud and corruption, a top priority. With over a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."


The Fight for a Thriving Middle Class

The middle class on Long island has been forced to endure hardship after hardship being inflicted upon them for decades.  One of the greatest problems facing our community is that many people simply cannot afford to keep up with the incredibly high cost of living on Long Island.  This is not caused by a lack of effort.  Worker productivity in the United States since 1979 has increased 65% yet wages only by 8%.  People in our community work longer hours, take on second jobs, and continuously make sacrifices just to make ends meet.  We all know dozens of friends and family members who have left Long Island for the hopes of better economic prospects elsewhere.  An overburdened middle class inflicts tremendous stressors on every other facet of our community and we are approaching a critical tipping point.  Our Town Council can play a crucial role in reversing this downward spiral.

Tax Relief

Tax relief.  This is a bi-partisan issue and the Town Council must conduct a comprehensive analysis of its’ budget in order to find ways to provide constituents with increased financial flexibility that will in turn be re-invested in the county.  This will require tough decisions, but is a necessity. 

Eligible Taxpayers are entitled to relief under the law, I will make sure taxpayers are educated on what types of relief they are eligible for. I will make sure  Brookhaven Residents understand where their tax dollars are doing.

Financial Oversight for Taxpayers

• Maintaining our AAA Bond Rating

• Monitoring our long term revenue projections: Landfill and the Long Term Economic, Environmental, Fiscal and Health Problems

• Our Roads are in disarray and the Town lacks of proper planning and budgeting for our roads

• Taxes Relief and explain all the programs in which eligible residents can get relief

• Advocate for Economic and Business Development

• Add input and advice on town audit and budget issues

Affordable Housing

Projects such as the Ronkonkoma Hub and Arboretum, offer our district unique opportunities to build effective strategies for guaranteeing successful public/private sector partnerships in building the transit oriented housing that the County so desperately needs.  The county’s Down Payment Assistance program has been effective and should be developed further to guarantee our communities do not continue losing great community members, the Town of Brookhaven should follow suit.


STEM Corridor/Infrastructure- One of the Town's greatest assets is the concentration of immense STEM knowledge in the community.  The Town needs to take steps to cultivate that asset by creating the conditions for a technology/research corridor in the community that rivals the best around the world.  Investments in the infrastructure needed to support it must be a priority.  This includes developing a mass transit program for the area that acts as a mechanism for economic growth and applying pressure on the MTA to lessen the burdens L.I.R.R riders from our community currently are forced to suffer through.

Good Government for the People
  • It might appear overly idealist to many who have become jaded regarding the government, but our community deserves a Receiver of Taxes that still believes that government can accomplish transparency and high standards of ethics.  Government can be smart and effective and the community needs a legislator that will not accept anything less.

  • All too often our county government is characterized by actions that make it appear to unfairly cater to select individuals or interests. Our town government needs a broad package of ethics reforms, especially regarding money in politics.

  • The Town needs to work with the county to ensure that there is transparency in how our tax dollars are spent. 

  • Our Town government should be accountable to those that elected us to serve.  Citizens should have full access to all the information that they need in order to determine if we are being as efficient and upstanding as we are trusted to be.

  • All too often these days our politics is characterized by vitriol and different segments of the community being pitted against one another.  As a Receiver of Taxes I will work tirelessly to ensure that no member of our community is discriminated against or feels unsafe because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious views, or political views.  Our community faces significant challenges and the only way that they will be overcome is if our community embraces one another.

  • Our community has a large population of Veterans and the Town should ensure that these great citizens are encouraged to continue to honorably serve in the community utilizing their invaluable experience.  The Town should also show Veterans that our community will provide them unwavering support. 

  • We are blessed with an amazing natural environment.  It helps contribute to our quality of life and is vital to our economy and it is facing destruction. 

  • Global Warming represents a clear and present danger to our communities and a massive response to the threat needs to be implemented immediately.   

  • Our septic system is in state of disrepair and nitrogen pollution is killing our water quality. Modern systems need to be implemented.

  • Partnerships with local environmental groups need to be solidified to work towards robust conservation efforts.

  • In conjunction with the emphasis on STEM industry growth in the area the Town should take steps to make Town a worldwide leader in the Nation. The STEM Technology is developed here but the business do not incorporate here to produce jobs for town residents.